Autologic Assist Plus European Diagnostics

The Autologic Diagnostic System is designed to replicate the functionality (including coding and programming) of OEM tools used by automotive manufacturers. This system offers complete diagnostics for BMW (Mini), Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche, Rolls Royce, PSA/Renault and VW/Audi. Information is displayed on a large touch-sensitive screen through a simple menu structure, supported by extensive help screens.The Autologic help support has a mass database and direct connection to OEM contacts to find and isolate even the most challenging diagnostic issue. All of this is right at our figure tips so we can get real time answers to even the most challenging diagnostic issues.


European vehicles require frequent software updates and the coding of different modules when changing components (Similar to your PC or laptop computer). A true dealer-level scan tool has to have much higher capability than a regular scan tool in this market. The Autologic is designed for European specialists that want a more economical option than the dealer scan tool, while still allowing them to update their scanning interface. To the contrary, factory scan tool interfaces are usually updated by the OEM every five years.

Snap-on Versus 4040

Using the latest tools from Snap-On gives our technicians the advantage to quickly and thoroughly diagnose the symptoms you may be experiencing in your car. With the ability to diagnose issues from most major manufactures there isn’t a problem we cannot find and fix. Even on the classics! We use the latest laboratory grade scopes and meters to quickly and efficiently find the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Our VERSUS Scanner is a top of the line diagnostic tool with the ability to scan any module your car may have. We have the ability to find issues from all major manufacturers from 1980 to today. Our scanners have the ability to look at any issue your car may have from your transmission to climate control.

Using our lab scope we can dig deep into your car and see what’s happening without any tear down costs. Our scope uses a high definition camera to look in places otherwise hard to reach (and see!) with the naked eye. We can help reduce diagnostic and labor costs with this incredibly important tool!

If all else fails, we can use tried and tested methods utilizing the latest in multi-meter or DVOM technology. Vital to health of your car, the electrical system serves as the nerves of your vehicle, and our meters can find any break in the connection by measuring voltage, resistance, amperage, and any other fluctuation in the chain your car may have.

All this technology equals savings in your pocket! By reducing labor costs, and streamlining diagnostics, we can work more efficiently to keep your car running its best!

VCDS Ross-Tech Scanner

Used for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, or Bentley, it is a powerful tool that will help keep your vehicle on the road. Ross-Tech VCDS® (VAG-COM Diagnostic System) helps diagnose real problems instead of swapping out costly parts. With features found only on dealer level factory tools, VCDS surpasses the performance of aftermarket diagnostic tools and rivals factory tools


The Durametric Diagnostic Tool for Porsche was created for independent repair shops and private owners alike. It provides access to the many Porsche control units for maintenance and troubleshooting information. The tool helps you read Porsche’s diagnostic codes with user-friendly descriptions, part numbers, and over-rev data. It can activate drive links and capture actual values, reset the service reminder on cars that support them, and can clear the warning indicators of most systems.

The diagnostic tool is easy to use on our Windows computer as we simply connect the cable between the computer and car, start the program, select your model, and the program will begin communicating with the car.

Customer Testimonial

“The guys at Eurowerkz are great, always friendly and very helpful! I’ve been taking my cars to them for over a decade. I always know they’ll take good care of my vehicles and get the job done right. The owner Ernie has tons of experience in the industry and can usually pin point the problem over the phone with amazing accuracy.”

Sean H.

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